BigRep-FLOW 1

BigRep FLOW is a suite of Configurator Applications  currently in the development phase. While we strive to improve performance and user experience, please contact our Digital Solutions Team if you experience any bugs, have questions or suggestions.

Getting Started

What are BigRep FLOW Configurators?

BigRep FLOW Configurator Apps enable you to create 3D printable factory fixtures, packaging, and tools with just a few clicks – completely cloud based and without any design software knowledge requirements. This video will explain what you can expect.

The Interface Explained

This video will show you how to use the interface and what to pay attention to. Simply navigate to the App Center and get started with all apps which are enabled for your account. As a reminder within each app, an info window at the top right contains a brief overview.

More Software Products from BigRep

In addition to Bigrep FLOW Configurator Apps, BigRep offers other software products for your best 3D printing experience. This video will highlight available software and new digital products coming soon.

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